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Last year, 2018, was remarkable for cloud computing with the burst of tech advances which laid a completely new standard for its adoption. The impact and volume of these changes have coerced firms to rethink about the way to define the cloud to achieve their business goals. Looking forward to cloud predictions for 2019, many organizations will concentrate on shifting cloud strategies towards the future of cloud computing.

Such strategies will transform into the application of new and innovative services like analytics, blockchain and AI to that data; integrating data with external data sets and across the enterprise; extracting valuable data from their business processes. 

Top 10 Cloud Predictions for 2019

Cloud predictions are such that organizations will require a multi-cloud approach and hybrid environment made up of the best infrastructure and tools.  This is necessary to get the job done more efficiently. With the cloud predictions of 2019, big enterprises will expend considerable resources on maintenance and creating a hybrid cloud environment. Businesses will modernize their data infrastructure. Efforts will be taken towards processing a standard part of any cloud migration and automation.

1. Hybrid multi-cloud architectures will take the place of “one-cloud-perfectly-fits-all” approach

Around 20 % of the business methods have already shifted to the innovative edge of the cloud. While 80 percent comprises sensitive data and critical mission subjected workloads, these tasks are still dependent on-premises due to regulatory and performance requirements. Many of the organization will move from “one-cloud-perfectly-fits-all” in the next phase of their cloud journey.

Public cloud might be important in accelerating the digital transformation with an effective cost. However, various enterprise-related data centers are not going anywhere and nor they should go. Every workload generally is not a candidate in relation to the public system of the cloud. Big businesses will try to make the most through their cloud investments taking a multi-cloud hybrid approach. 

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2. All Companies will encourage open framed cloud technology

Many bigger companies are already embracing the open source concept to avoid lock-in. This also gives them a choice to select from a segment of more vendors. Open technology will enable interoperability and management of data, platforms, and applications. Open framed technology projects attract the biggest ecosystem and major segment of expansive markets.

One of the cloud predictions for 2019 is that more advanced firms will determine new opportunities related to the containers. This is possible through using the open source network of Kubernetes to make clusters which support microservices in multiple clouds. These open management tools are important for updating, securing and administering those clusters in the coming time.

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